Thursday, February 7, 2008

You all keep me motivated!

ARMUSICONE.COM is a direct link to industry insiders. Last night I participated in a call to give my advice to up and coming artists, producers, songwriters and entrepanuers. I never realized how valuable my words could be to someone else. Thank you all for the kind letters.

Body: Thanks for the advice

Hey Jen,

my name is EL Johnson, co-founder of Go Hard or Go Homeless Management (my biz partner supa knova had me on 3 way) I thoroughlly enjoyed the information you gave us during the call. I took serious notes...LOL! but i just wanted to touch bases with you and thank you for the valuble info. hopefully we can keep the lines of communication open in case i need more of your wisdom.

keep doing ya thing,

Much Success!

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Feb 6, 2008 7:30 PM
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RE: Jen the Pen

RE: Your a Cool chicka
I actually did learn from you gurl and to be honest I like your energy. I have been doing everything you spoke of for a hot minute and it has all been coming together. As far as a sample of my production I have some stuff on my page.
You can actually see some samples of graphic work in a few we are putting together packages for about 7 different labels so I'm about to have allot published in the very near future. But I did see one of ya pics I really liked ;-)well a few so I may be able to throw a lil something down for ya real quick.

Supa Knova 84 to me
show details Feb 6 (1 day ago)

jen, u are the pen. and thanks for bein you.the info helped, tha analogies helped, the stories helped. u sound hella new york, which is irrelevant but at this time of the night what is relevant??? I hope to hear from u in the future and I was lightweight serious about the voicemail greeting too.

-Hilton Supa Knova Savage-Rachal
...useful since '84

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Bricks said...

You keep me motivated gurl. Holla at ya boy Peace Bricks