Friday, October 31, 2008

Since I'm a Staten Island it's only right I post up the trailer for the WuTang Documentary..... whether you rocked with The Wu or not they will always be regarded as one the best Hip Hop groups to ever do it! Now is there time to be recongnized!

I am C.H.A.N.G.E Event

Last night I attended the Source Magazine's I am C.H.A.N.G.E event in NYC @ Home nightclub, folks like LL Cool J , Russell Simmons, Vince Carter, Lil Kim,& Bow Wow all came out to support the Sources new movement and to speak on one of the biggest elections of our lives that is happening in only 4 days!!!! Enjoy the flicks

             LL Cool J,Lil Kim,Kevin Liles, Rocsi, Russell Simmons
         Bow Wow gave his speech on the importance of voting
                                                    Spike Lee was also in attendance
                                                     Lil Kim & Russell Simmons
                                                                        Bow Wow
 LL & Spike Lee 
              Ron Browz 

Video of the day

Cons Presents :"No Matter The Consequences"

Conseqeunce has made it his buisness to go in on anyone out here that participates in being a frontin ass you know what...Listen now as Cons goes in on one very popular "hipster" rapper.. any guesses on who he's addressing??????

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beyonce's a busy bumblebee

Beyonce is on the move today. Spotted by the paps heading out of JFK airport with her security and personal assistant not too far behind. Last night Beyonce made a buzz throughout NYC making an apperance at Bloomingdales with Mama Knowles to promote her new movie Cadillac Records. She also tried to get some type of demand going for her House of Dereon line, Beyonce offered a signed copy of the movies soundtrack to anyone who purchased a pair of Dereon Jeans. Smart marketing move B!
After leaving Bloomy's B headed over to the Izod Theatre to meet her hubby to perform "Single Ladies"

Power 105.1's PowerHouse

Last night Power 105 held their annual PowerHouse concert in NYC. It's sooo great to see Free back on the NY scene....wonder what it was like for The Carter's bumping into her backstage... AKWARD....anyway check Beyonce coming out on her hubby's set to do "Single Ladies"
Dj Am was there also. Guess him and Jay enjoyed working together so much a few weeks ago that he asked Am to join him again! It's great to see him back in action!

Jay-z & Beyonce - Powerhouse from necole bitchie on Vimeo.

T.I. on Chelsea Lately

Being the huge Chelsea Handler fan that I am, never missing an episode I somehow missed her interviewing T.I.
Thank goodness for YouTube. If you missed it as well check it out now!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ray J-"Make sure you don't bleed & Stuff??"

So what I'm trying to figure out is.... Will this be the theme song for Ray's new reality show airing on VH1??? LOL

Update:Chicago police find body of JHud's nephew

TMZ is reporting that Chicago police have found a body matching the description of Jennifer Hudson's nephew Julian King.

King has been missing since Friday when his grandmother Darnell Donerson, 57, and uncle Jason Hudson, 29, were found shot to death in Darnell's home.

The body of a seven-year-old boy was found in a white SUV that is the one that reportedly belonged to Jason Hudson and has been sought in conjunction with the case.

Suspect William Balfour, the estranged husband of Julian's mother Julia, was reportedly arrested only a few miles from where the SUV was found. He has not been charged with anything as of yet.

The medical examiner has not released an ID of the body yet.

Jennifer, the Oscar-winning singer and actress, has offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who found her nephew.

I'm left speechless..... this is an extremeley trying time for the Hudson family and all we can do is keep them in our prayers and hope they are able to overcome this with time... Time heals all wounds.

Kanye in the studio with Big Boi

Kanye West visits Big Boy's Neighborhood from qdeezy on Vimeo.
Kanye West was in the studio with Big Boy recently promoting his new album “808s and Heartbreak”. During the interview, Kanye revealed he will not be doing any “rapping” on the new album and that he is coming back for his number 1 spot. The most crushing part of the interview was when Big Boy read a statement from Kanye in the newspaper that said: “I talk so much about labels, calling myself the Louie Vuitton Don…the irony of it all is for me to loose the most important person to me to Hollywood.” and Kanye West elaborates “I feel like if me and my mom never moved to Hollywood she would still be here”.

Kim covers Vegas Mag

And in more Kim Kardashian news, Kim recently made the cover for Vegas magazine. Kim never falls short of killing every photoshoot!
Kim was quoted as saying "I think my style is evolving. I'm trying to be a little more funky, kind of a mix of J-Lo and Rhianna."

Enjoy the pics!

Kim K celebrates at LAX

Kim celebrated her 28th birthday this past weekend at LAX in Vegas. To her surprise Reggie's coach and doctor approved him to spend the weekend with Kim rather then go to London with his team. No sign of an engagement ring just yet but sources are saying we can expect a proposal around the holidays. In the meantime I will love them being in soooo much love!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Update: The FBI has been called in

Authorities have arrested William Balfour, the estranged husband of Hudson's sister Julia. A friend of Julia's exclusively told E! News that Balfour, 27, is not the biological father of the missing boy. Just hours ago Julia Hudson, Jennifer Hudson’s sister and mother of missing 7 year old Julian, gave a public plea for the safe return of her son. Julian’s biological father, Greg King, was also at the podium (on right). Julia, who we haven’t heard from since she reported her child missing yesterday afternoon, says she was the person who broke the tragic news to Jennifer about their mother and brother’s death. Here’s a snippet of the Chicago Tribune coverage and you can go here to see the video of her plea:

“All I ask, I don’t care who you are, just let my baby go,” she said to reporters and relatives. “I just want my son back. He doesn’t deserve this.”

Standing next to Greg King, Julian’s father, Julia Hudson described her son as an “easy-going” child who would rather stay home and read a book or hang out with his grandmother than play outside.

When she called her sister, Jennifer, Julia said the Oscar winner “was screaming” and “flew in right away.”

“It hurts. We’re in a state of shock. I don’t know what else to do but pray,” Julia Hudson said.

She urged the public to keep your eyes and ears open and to call out Julian’s name or “Juice Box” or “Dr. King,” other names he answers to.

“He’s out there. Just let him go,” she said, her voice cracking.

Asked what she would say to her son now, Julia Hudson said: “I love you. Mama’s looking for you.”

Julia Hudson said her mother and her son were “extremely close.”

“I worked, so he was always with her, day in and day out,” she said. “She did everything for him. She got him ready for school. She got him ready for bed.”

She said Julian is smart, has a good sense of direction and knows where he lives. She described him as a “sensitive child” who “doesn’t like to get hollered at.”

She pleaded with Julian’s abductor: “Give me my baby back, that’s all I ask. I know he’s out there. Just let him go.”

Asked her greatest fear and greatest hope, she said: “My greatest fear has already happened. My greatest hope is for him to come back.”
The FBI was called into the search because of the possibility that the boy was taken across state lines. Law enforcement sources tell the Chicago Tribune that they were hoping to find Julian when they picked up Balfour but that the boy was not with him.

Updated Story- On the slaying of JHud's mother & brother

"We can confirm that there is an ongoing investigation concerning the deaths of Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, and her brother, Jason Hudson. No further comment will be made and the family has asked that their privacy be respected at this difficult time."

Hours after Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, and an as-yet unidentified male were found shot to death in Donerson's Chicago home and a 7-year-old boy went missing, a next-door neighbor tells E! News that she heard gunshots Friday morning and believes that the killings are related to an ongoing domestic dispute.
Angela Russell, who lives next door to Donerson on Yale Avenue in the South Side neighborhood of Englewood, says that she thinks that Hudson's sister Julia was having domestic troubles with her husband, whom she had talked about divorcing.

"It has been pretty rough for a while," says Russell. "We do know that Ms. Hudson's oldest daughter was having trouble with her husband. We do know that there were some domestic issues going on and we believe that is what this all about. "
Chicago Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said the deaths appeared to be the result of domestic abuse, but she declined to elaborate.
Russell says that Donerson, who she referred to as Ms. Hudson, babysat everyday for Julia's son Julian King, who has been reported missing.
"She babysat for him everyday when her daughter was at work," says Russell. "[Julia] was here daily."
Russell says that Donerson never expressed any interest in leaving the neighborhood. And contrary to crime statistics, Russell says the community is relatively safe. In fact, Hudson lived with her mother in this house up until recently, she says.

Russell says that she is now trapped in the house because of the police outside and the neighbors are waiting for Hudson or her sister Julia to tell them about the funeral arrangements.
"We know the Amber Alert is out and the police just held a police conference," Russell says. "We are still waiting for Jennifer to get here. We know that Julia is still with the police at the station."

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sit the eff down

It's pretty damn noticeable that SuperHead has indeed been knocked up, I mean really can she stand any harder poking her belly out and rubbing it????? WTF is wrong with this bitch?! You're about to be someones mother for the second time around, I'm sure your sons head is beyond fucked up... so what in the world would possess you to still get on here carrying a child talking about who's on your shit list? I don't give a fuck how much bread you're getting there's nothing classy about being pregnant and using that protruding belly to get you more hits on your advice to you Karrine is to sit the fuck down and actually try concentrating on trying to be the best possible mother you can be to your baby, instead of wasting time in front of your imovie trying to conjure up new ways to get us bloggers to write about who knocked you up this time......

The Cypher: Ace Hood~Juelz~Fabolous~Jada

Ac Hood murdered thisssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who's the mama????

I was a bad blogger yesterday but that didn't stop me from reading other sites and learning that Lil Wayne stepped out on his fiance Nivea again (this time with a nail tech/stripper) while blogs everywhere reported this woman below as the baby mother to Wayne's bouncing baby boy..Miss Info got down to the bottom of things and reported that the less made up Asian at the bottom is actually the woman that gave birth to Wayne's baby. I'm sure Wayne has been slamming down these two ladies as well as a handful more so now we all wait for the TMZ to get that clear shot of whom that real mama really is.....

Are you watching??? I know I am!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are shaking up the internet as well as blog sites with their intriguing kept woman lifestyles. No matter how independent or successful a woman is I think there's a little part in all of us that would love to be "Kept" for a day...or maybe even months.... Nevertheless the rest of America is picking up on their lavish lifestyles as well. It's been reported that the show’s ratings have doubled in just two weeks from 656,000 for the premiere to 1.32 million who saw Tuesday night’s episode. That is up from 1.184 million last week.
Additionally, nearly 7.2 million people saw the show from October 13 to October 19.
Atlanta ‘Housewives’ is already doing better than than ‘Real Housewives of New York,’ which averaged 864K viewers through three episodes vs. 1.05 million for ‘Atlanta.’ Season three of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” averaged 1.3 million viewer, concluding with 2.018 million in January.

Style Watch

These two ladies killed the awards last night with their fierce sense of style!!! Ciara looked chic and sexy while Keri Hilson was full of glam chica all day! Keri Hilson wins in this weeks look of the week!!!
If you could steal one of these ladies looks who's sense of style best fits your personality???

How to lose a guy in 10 Texts

**Flirxting is flirting thru texting**

Attack of the Sample Sale

I got this email yesterday and finally opened it but today is the last day for this one of a kind Sample Sale so if you have time to sneak out of the office for a good hour I insist you head over to this!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah Palins's Republican Spruce Up

The Republican Party has spent $150,000 on dressing up their Vice President Canidate Sarah Palin. 75,000 in Neiman Marcus, 50,000 in Bloomingdales and the list goes on.... I only wish she looked like she was worth 150k......

This is your brain on drugs

"I'm going to sell a million, I don't care if other rappers have bigger names then me,I'm going to sell a million" “The name of my record is The Rehab,” he said with a smile Sunday in Atlanta. “Straight up, that’s where I been at.”

Justin Timberlake retires?????

You can let out the breath of air you were holding in for the two seconds you read the title. Rest asure Justin is not retiring, but he is retiring his overrated "Sexy Back"

This past Friday at the “Justin Timberlake and Friends: A Special Evening Benefiting the Shriners Hospital for Children” the singer announced that he was officially retiring the song from the pop music world, he then performed it one last time.
Didn’t think a song could actually be retired? Well, then you underestimated the musical power that is Justin Timberlake.
Timberlake said he intends to concentrate on writing more songs for other artists and himself. Before you get too sad, expect to still hear the song at clubs, on the radio and anywhere else, except from Timberlake’s mouth.

Sneak Preview of "Live your Life"

Perception is always greater the Reality

While Jaslene (former winner of ANTM and most popular) has stepped her wardrobe game up and has been photographed on every red carpet in NYC this past year, my sources tell me she's broke,broke,broke,broke. She's a sweet girl I hope those modeling gigs pick up for her.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

XXL runs The 10 Freshman

Hitting newstands in November XXL will bring you 3 different covers, those displaying the hottest young rappers on the come up!
Shout out to the homie Mickey Factz I see you!!! Oh yea and Kid Cudi we see your air yeezys! lol

If you missed this footage the first time around, I'm reupping it for those of you who missed it and need to be familiarized with Mickey and Cudi.

Happy Birthday Kim!!!

If today is your brithday then you share it with friend in my head Kim Kardashian! Kim turns 28 today...and I can't wait for her to make a big fuss on her website about what her boo Reggie Bush spoils her with!
Happy Birthday to all my little libras! Here's your horoscope for the day: You and your friends are in the right place at the moment and you should be able to tune into their feelings and needs with great ease. It's a wonderful time for hanging out together and bonding.

Nick and Mariah say Cheeseeeeee

It's always refreshing to see Mariah actually dress her age.......

Nick Hogan is a free man!

Brooke Hogan's brother Nick was released three months early from county prison on terms of good behavior. In May of 2008 Nick entered the county jail for pleading no contest to his 2007 crash.
The paps were on the scene has Nick left the detention center, his sister Brooke was there to greet him but before that she made it known on her MySpace page that her little brother was coming home."I can't even tell you, as a sister, how exciting this is for me! Nick and I are like best friends...and I can't believe how long I've gone without him."
She added, "I just can't wait to see my Nicky! I'm gonna make him every kind of food you can possibly think of! He's been living on bread and potatoes so far and I know some Mac-n-Cheese is gonna hit the spot! LOL"

Jim Jones Remixes Day N Nite

While Kid Cudi still does not have a video for his overly popular record Day N Nite (the song which helped pave the way to his signing with G.O.O.D. Music) Jim Jones apparently thought it was necessary to get his remixed version out and provide a video.
It's a great look for Cudi to have someone in Jim Jones position wanna jump on your Cudi I think is the time to get your highly anticipated video for Day N Nite out.
Below I have posted Jim Jones remix along with Cudi's original you guys decide who's verses you like better!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Morning Coffee Promo

About 2 weeks back I posted my bloggermerical of me and my new found hustle. That being Morning Coffee, well as promised here is our first trailer!!! I  feel sooo honored to be amongst such dynamic women and hope you all will support us to the fullest. While our first promo is filled with sarcasm and some raunchiness please don't get it twisted, our first official show will air on Monday and our topics are real! I hope you will all get a good laugh out of this promo and prepare for all the different topics and different views us four ladies will be bringing you!

Fun. Fabulous. Gritty. Raw

Those are the words to describe Hip-Hop Icon, Kim Osorio's executive produced new show, Morning Coffee. Morning Coffee is a daily web-series which consists of four very opinionated ladies dishing about everything in Hip Hop, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle news. This show is a breath of fresh air for those who have been waiting for a show that will bring the real deal about what's going on in the entertainment world. This show also exemplify four women from different sides of the media coming together for one common goal; gossip.

Former Source Editor in Chief and Author, Kim Osorio, is not only the creator of the show but will also be one of the hosts. Kim Osorio will be also joined by Shade 45's Lip Service host Angela Yee; G-Unit Radio's own Jen the Pen; and Gawker's former Advice Columnist Tionna Smalls for one hell of a show. These four women are bringing so many different aspects to the game; Kim Osorio being what Barbra Waltersis to the View (the Legend), Angela Yee is the soft spoken mutual voice, Jen the Pen is the white chick with swaggertude, and Tionna Smalls being the overly outspoken chick of the crew.

Morning Coffee's first promo webisode- included talks about R. Kelly, 106 and Park's Rosci, Ciara's naked Vibe cover, and plenty, plenty more. The things these women say is going to knock your socks off so be sure to tune in every morning and sip on this shiznit...
You can get a sip of morning coffee daily at Be sure to log in and let us know what you think about the show!

We got our first piece of press this evening! Yay for us! Check it out here

When a photo speaks a thousand words.....

With all the reasons not to vote for McCain here lays another one....if you were planning to vote McCain please let this photo be the one to sway you in the Obama direction.