Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Diddy presents "StarMaker"

I know most of you all think you got that "Star" potential but it takes more then just some good vocals you need that whole package!!! If you got what it takes I'm urging my JenThePen readers to get their audition tapes done ASAP!!! I want to see one of my readers make it on the show! And then he/she can fill me in with all the behind the scenes gossip!!! LOL


thekid10705 said...

Enough with Diddy!! How could anyone who really wanted to get on F' with DiddY??

RIP: Mase, Loon, Black Rob, G-Dep, and the list goes on!!

M said...

I cant fuck wit making the band or that other corny MTV shit, but that wanna work for diddy on vh1 is crackkkkkkkkkk.

Definitely some entertaining tv. If black people can't do nothing else, we can entertain and make people laugh no matter what position we're in.