Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Politics can do without

As an Obama supporter and a woman in hip hop, I feel that there are just some things this election def does not need... one being Karrine "SuperHead" Steffans. While everyone has the right to vote maybe some people should just keep it quiet,vote and keep it moving. We don't need someone like Superhead doing more harm to the election then good.
The new issue of Vibe lists 99 hip-hop artists, athletes and professors who are backing the Democratic nominee - including Karrine Steffans, the author of “Confessions of a Video Vixen,” whose claim to fame is how many rappers she serviced, earning her the nickname Supahead. The list also includes Spike Lee, Fat Joe, Lil’ Kim, Charles Barkley and Kim Kardashian, who admits she has never voted.


Anonymous said...

Politics can do without self appointed culture vultures like yourself who feel they hold any type of weight whatsoever because they have styled some z list artists.

You are not hip hop just because you've messed with a couple of rappers and former moguls Jen.

Get it together, and stop with the hypocritical self righteous blogs. You don't represent hip hop and never will.

baybay said...

she is not a good look i agree with you completely jen she seeds to cast her vote and move on.
she KNOWS she's not a good look, she's just grasping at her 16th minute of her 15 mins..

WatzReal said...

Say that again honey. Obama has nothing to gain with a self proclaimed head buster tellin the world who she is goin to vote for. If I was Michelle I would watch her around my man. She might wanna Knock him down too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen what's up girl yeah man superhead needs to sit her ass down with that bull she fucking up the whole rotation of positively and fuck that last comment about you their haters. HI Haters! Just vote ya freak whore.

Da Hunni Toya said...