Friday, August 29, 2008

Lilo goes off on Daddy Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is feeling betrayed by daddy dearest once again and this time she dosen't hold back, expressing her feelings via her blog on myspace.
(Peep how she makes it known she's Drug Free lol)

Thursday, August 28, 2008
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If you have something to say to me, say it to my face- that's what i have believed my whole life- don't be a coward and say it to others first, let alone all the media in the world- i think we know where the rest of this blog is going...

If you guessed it had to do with my father- then you guessed right! It really hurts, because i have tried- after all that my mother and siblings have gone through, i really tried to make things work- For the hope of having a father again-wanting things to change- even though people have said, some people will forever remain the same.

Having said that- the people were right, and he is yet to change- but this time, without his daughter by his side- He has become a public embaressment and a bully- To my family, my co-workers, my friends, and a girl that means the world to me (its obvious who that is).

He has no idea what is going on in my life because i have chosen not to involve him in it- His recent attack on my life and my loved ones is simply for an ADDICTION THAT HE HAS- FAME. Why he feels the need to comment on anything in my life that i may want to keep private, is beyond comprehension- If he really cared about me and my life, then he would learn to respect my wishes by staying out of it.

Samantha has not and would never sell me out. Nor has my mother, who is wonderful.

This further proves that any information that my father has about me or the people in my life is internet based- and about as accurate as a page six item.

I'm not going to engage any further, though i probably could go on...

I have said enough, i have a therapist, and it is not the the camera man at x17.

Hoopz does King

I really like Hoopz and I'm glad to see she's taken her now 30 minutes of reality tv fame and transformed it into sex appeal, sex always does sell!!!! Get em girl!!!!!!

Cam is about to make his comeback!

Cam made a recent call over to my homie Duke Da God on dipset radio to congratulate Duke on the show and let the world know he's back this November! So for any of you who have been wondering where Cam's been at... He's been in Switzerland buying watches! hahaha

White Girl Tip of the Week

Last night Spring Break Nicki and I did a quick good old fashion late night dinner at Chilli's. We were starving and didn't feel like driving off the island to eat. Anyway right thru our appetizer some random dude walks over to our table and says this Nicki:
" I would really love to take you out on a date....You look exactly like my ex girlfriend." Mind you the look of disgust on my face was definitly a kodak moment if there ever was one. So here's the thing,  Nicki and I  both happen to already be taken but if I wasn't fellas let me tell you this, that is NOT the pick up line to use to get into any womans panties!!!!!! Where in your right mind would you ever think I would want to date you after you told me i look like your ex??? Because I wanna sit across the table from someone who was looking at me slightly pretending I was his old bitch?! Fuck out of here, next thing a dude like that will be telling you is you remind him of his mother (also not a very good line when trying to land yourself some ass). So fellas if there's anything you can take from me going into your last weekend of summer please let it be this:Ditch the corny pick up lines and just flat out ask the chick your digging out on a simple date. xoxo JTP

Who taught her how to speak??

After viewing this attempt Solange made at trying to explain her Fox News outburst made me realize why media training among artists is soooooo important..... don't you think you should have done a couple more takes before sending this off to youtube or maybe even edited so we didn't hear you use the word "ummmm" 75 times in four minutes.

Sex addiction does exist

Remember this dude David Duchovny former X-Files star, well apparently he likes sex too much. Seems that he has checked himself into a rehabilitation center for sex addiction.
“I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction,” the former X-Files star’s lawyer Stanton “Larry” Stein tells People. “I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.”
Duchovny, 48, has been married to actress Téa Leoni for over 10 years and have two children together–daughter Madelaine, 9, and son Kyd, 6.

Back in May, Best Life reported, “There was the time [Duchovny] confessed to a reporter about his fascination with hotel porn (’I like to watch other people FUCK’ was the exact quote) and rumors swirled that he was a sex addict.”

Ballin on a Budget

ChickDowntown is a site I like to visit when I pretend to be a rich and famous celeb in my head, it's also a great way to find hot looks for fall and winter and then head over to sites like Forever21 to transform the look you love for less. This plaid jacket below worn by the model is made by Chloe and runs for about $710.00, I absolutley loved this jacket topped off with a cute pair of ankle cut skinny jeans and a flirty pair of ankle boots. So I did some searching around and found an almost identical look for wayyy less.

 Forever 21 Plaid Jacket $34.00
                                 Urban Outfitters Ankle Cut Skinny Jeans $54.00
 Urban Outfitters canvas bootie $78.00

Rounding this look out to a total of:$166.oo
A savings of:$544.00
This is the way to shop ladies!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

40 Glocc & Spider Loc chase Lil Wayne

The video's a bit repetative but back in July 40 Glocc called up Gunit Radio and informed us of Lil Wayne and Baby's bitchassness.
But here's my thing Lil Wayne and Baby got wayyyyyy too much money to get out of the whip in South Central LA and fight a bunch of goons who are out here starving. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

WTF is her problem???

I'm not much of a Solange fan and could care even less about her album dropping, but this clip of her on a Las Vegas news station has been the talk of the internet so I had to share with you what this bird brain says to the news anchor

Yo Solange forreal you need to fall back and be easy, whether you want to believe it or not you will ALWAYS be the little sister in Beyonce's shadow, now get over it, move on and be thankful your daddy is tied in good enough with the right people so that your cranky ass even gets some camera time.

Serena Williams Sighting

Serena and her ass were spotted out and about in NYC yesterday, and no doubtably this woman's ass is crazy but why must she always look like a man dressed in drag????

Is that your son?

Ok so I never wanted to have to blog twice about Rhianna in one day but I had to ask you guys, is it me or does Young Breezy look like Rhianna's son son lol

Girls Night Out

Rhianna took a breather from her main squeeze Chris Breezy to enjoy a night out on the town with some girlfriends, and like a true lady with class Rhi Rhi found a way to exit the car without flashing her HooHa to the paparazzi.

The Death of Adam

Check out this video clip produced by 88keys featuring Cons & Kid Cudi. I got a good little chuckle out of it, hope you guys do too!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trendy or Trashy??

Now we all know what a huge Kardashian Family Fan I am....but at 50 something years old does Kim's mom Kris really need to be dressed in leopard??? I mean don't get me wrong the woman looks fabulous and I'm sure botox is her key to staying so flawless, but come on Mama Kardashian you are a married middle aged woman with 6 kids under your belt, need I say you have two that practically just came out of the womb!!! There is no reason to be out here looking like a straight cougar!

Game gets his dick sucked by a dude????!!!!

I'm about a day and a half late with this story, due to techinical troubles with the blog yesterday but the good people over at RhymeswithSnitch sent this over. This story was way too classic to let it slip away.
Game’s cousin fucks with my best friend’s sister, so we have been around each other numerous times, and he always on some “lets all chill” shit. So one weekend, me and my squad was down in Memphis, because I was meeting with some people about a nightclub im about to open out there. My nigga’s sister call and says “Game and his people out that way doin promotion, and they gonna call ya’ll so ya’ll can come to a party they throwing”.. We aint have shit else to do, so we accepted the invite when his lame ass called. Long story short, he claims the party got cancelled, and he wanted us to meet them at the strip club. So we did.. To make another long story short, Game ends up getting his dick sucked by a stripper, that happens to really be a MAN. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, and say that he didn’t know she was a man at first.. When this niggaa came from the V.I.P, he was looking all shook-up and shit.. He wasn’t even gonna tell us, until another female that was on my dick all night, called it out to everyone. (I had a REAL female).. Game gets all loud and starts poppin off in the club. I was laughing, cause I know who he really is, and all that bark don’t mean shit.. Somehow the dude/female gets his number and calls Game 2 days later. Long Story short, the dude/chick threatened to leak it out unless he broke her off some bread, and took her/him on vacation. So this niggaa ends up takeing the chick/dude to Vegas for a weekend, and shells out a few thousand.. I wish Game would try to deny it, because I have the instant messages they shared, and the pics that the dude/chick took on a camera phone of him and him/her. But Game will know ecaxtly who I am when he reads this, and I pray that he acts stupid and confronts me. But I know that wont happen cause he know my resume`, and how I rock..Plus, my money too long for that clown ass niggaa to try me… Lets move on to Bow Wow….

I know Bow Wow through JD (and that nigga JD owe me money for that last studio he built too, but I wont put him out there about how he broke..don’t think I forgot nigga!).. But anyways, this nigga Bow Wow talks crazy gangsta these days.. Aint you the same nigga that was harlem shakein in videos, and singing about puppy love? You are a internet/youtube/106&Park gangsta.. He failed to tell the world about how he was sick as hell when Ci Ci let his ass go.. Or about how he was calling her phone, threatening to kill himself if she didn’t call him back.. Or what about last all star weekend Bow???????? We happened to be in the same hotel, and this nigga had a broad running around telling everybody on the strip how the nigga got drunk (off some Bacardi light) and shitted all over his bed in the room…. Also, lets tak about Candace... The Candace that burned ya ass, and caused Ci Ci to stop fukin with you in the first place.. Or how bout we leak that video of you talking about my nigaa Jim Jones? Remember that? The tape where u said he needs to stop screamin BALLIN, unless he can afford to buy instead of lease? You paid my nigga, Ransom, good money to destroy that, cause you know Capo would beat ta lil ass.. Last but not least, should we speak about how my manz fucked ya momz at the Hamptons last labor day weekend? Lets save that for another time… I just wanted to air the niggaz out real quick.. And both of ya’ll know exactly who the fuck I am.. Get at me if you feel froggy.. And if Ci Ci name come out either one of ya’ll mouths again, you already know what it is.. You food nigga!

Hmmmm...Are we sensing maybe Mr.50cent had something to do with this tell all letter????

Dame Dash loses ProKeds

I hate ever having to report anything negative about my entertainment daddy, Dame Dash but he's financial turmoil has hit the news once again, and it dosen't seem to be getting better.

"Stride Rite Corp. has reacquired the rights to the Pro-Keds brand from financially struggling hip-hop mogul Damon Dash. The change for the iconic, 60-year-old shoe comes a week after Dash, who once boasted that he never wears the same socks twice, reportedly may lose two of his properties to foreclosure. Lexington-based Stride Rite insisted Dash’s financial woes had nothing to do with the rebranding. “It was just a matter of timing,” Stride Rite spokeswoman Debra Fernandes said yesterday. “We just wanted a new direction.”

Monday, August 25, 2008

We Miss & Love You...

Today in 2001 R&B singer Aaliyah tragically was killed in a plane crash on her way home from her "Rock The Boat" video shoot in the Bahamas. I just wanted to take the time to remember such a talent and a true artist that was taken from us way too soon..below is the 1st single from the last album she had released "We Need A Resolution" are always in our prayers

What Really Happenned

So I am starting to feel as though I am Yung Berg's personal reporter because every week he has a new dramatic incident. And this weekend was no different!

So directly from the source here is what happenned:

Yung Berg was in Detroit for a Summer Jam show on Saturday, when he arrived in town on Friday night him and his friends and security guard decided they wanted to hit the clubs. Little did they know that "Plan B" nightclub was owned by "Trick Trick" a Detroit based gangster/rapper who is also signed to Berg's label (Koch Records). Prior to that Berg and his camp had beef with Trick Trick's camp because one of them used to manage his hypeman "Cap 1". So without knowing that the club was owned by Trick Trick they made their way there. When they arrived and headed to the bar to get a few drinks and the mayhem unfolded. They were surrounded by a whole bunch of goons and his security guard was choked until he passed out, followed by Cap 1 and Yung Berg getting brutally beaten and robbed. Now from what I am hearing Trick Trick was not involved in the beatdown but they were his peoples. After that Berg left town the next morning skipping the show he was in town for in fear of more altercations and utter shame.

I am hearing the Transformers chain which was taken in the brawl (still unclear to me why he would think he was good like that to wear it) is being offered back to him at a nice price $$...well for his sake he better get that chain back and stay the hell out of Detroit!!

Happy Birthday Spring Break Nicki!!!!

Today is my best friend Spring Break Nicki's 26th birthday!!! She'll probably be ready to kill me now that I let you all in on our secret of getting older, but fuck it we're still only in our twenties and always fabulous! I can't believe how the years have flown by, and as each year passes I find a new reason why SBN is still my one and only best friend. Times are changing and SBN and I don't get to spend the amount of time together as we used to but nevertheless she's my best friend and not anyone has ever been able to understand the way she does, without me ever having to say a word. She just "Gets" me and I couldn't ask for more from a person. Laughter is the food for my soul and there's noone in this world I can laugh with the way I laugh with SBN.So on her birthday I want her to know that I know I sometimes take or friendship for granted but never forget that I love you like my sister and no matter what happens I will always be here for you. Love you bitch  xoxo JTP

5 Signs he's cheating

At one point or another in any relationship something changes and you're forced to ask yourself, is my partner cheating. I'm the type that likes to follow her gut but this may not work for all of us. With the help of Cosmo magazine I came up with 5 signs that may help you cut through the B.S. and get down to the bottom of things. If you can answer yes to two or more of these signs you may just have a cheater on your hands.

1. He’s superprotective of his gadgets. “The main way that trysts are found out is through the discovery of incriminating e-mails, IM chats, cell phone texts or bills,” says Belisa Vranich, PsyD, a clinical psychologist in New York City. So if he’s being unfaithful, he may guard his gadgets or act really defensive when you innocently touch his phone or computer. It should be a giant red flag if he readily gave you passwords in the past, and now he’s more evasive.

2. He steps up the grooming. “This is so obvious, but it’s a sign many women miss: If your man starts grooming down there without you requesting it, that could be an indication that he’s spending more time naked,” says Vranich. You can actually thank porn for this tipoff. Guys today are used to viewing manscaped dudes onscreen, so if he has another chick to impress with his sexual prowess, he may emulate those ultra-trimmed guys. Another clue: He’s spending more time at the gym.

3. He smells different. “When he comes home, if he doesn’t smell the same as he did in the morning, and it isn’t the scent of soap in the gym or at your home, it may be because he’s showered at her place,” offers Vranich. So pay attention, because in this case, that old saying “the nose knows” might very well be true.

4. Nothing fazes him anymore. “If he was short-tempered before, a combination of added sex and attention could be making him way more relaxed, even downright giddy,” Vranich says. Adds Mira Kirshenbaum, author of When Good People Have Affairs: Inside the Hearts and Minds of People in Two Relationships: “If your guy is suddenly going around all happy and whistling, then you need to find out why.”

5. He becomes suspicious of you. “If he’s normally a mellow type, all of a sudden he may want to know where you are all the time and with whom,” says Vranich. “It’s the result of him realizing that if he’s cheating and it’s not that hard, you might also be getting away with it.” Also, beware of extremely detailed responses to even your most innocent “How was work today?” queries. He may be preparing epic answers because he’s terrified of getting caught.

One caveat: If your sex life hasn’t fallen off, that’s no guarantee that he’s faithful. “It’s a serious mistake to think that affairs are necessarily sexual. He may just be unhappy in other parts of the relationship,” says Kirshenbaum. In fact, an illicit relationship could even stoke his lust for you.

Are you the Ultimate Fan???

The Tyra Banks show wants you!!!! But only if you're the Ultimate Kardashian Sisters Fan! The requirements are as followed:
You have to be over 18 years old and live in the New York City area, and you have to be able to prove that you are the ultimate Kardashian fan!

Here are some more of the things they are looking for:

Are you reading Kim and Khloe's blog daily?
Would you consider yourself an ultimate fan?
Do you relate to the issues and situations Kim and her sisters have gone through?
Do you, yourself, come from a family of three sisters?
Are you looking for advice—from fashion, to your personal life, or even help dealing with your own sister and family drama?
If this sounds like you please contact Tarik ASAP and send current pictures of yourself!

Not all ideas are good ideas

Apparently Heidi Montag's first attempt at a music video didn't make her look like a big enough fool, so her douche bag boyfriend Spencer Pratt went and  force fed this tacky 80's inspired mess of a video down her throat. The single titled "Overdosin" and it's video will premiere today at 1pm on Heidi's website, unfortunately it will not be making it's way over to the TRL countdown. Regardless of the fact that Heidi is not a talented singer, I must commend her and Spencer on becoming the breakout stars on The Hills. As annoying as the two are as a couple, I know I still love to watch their breaking up and making up.

Stars they're just like us

Even Lauren Conrad of The Hills finds time to do her own flower shopping, while being escorted to her black Mercedes Benz by what looks like a LA County police officer.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Video Pick of the Week

So as always Cassie looks beautiful..but my one and only issue is this, Cassie didn't you wear this same dress to the BET awards??? Yup I think so!!!

Calling all Slores!!!

VH1 made this announcement yesterday via their blog: "Ray J may be one of the most infamous playboys in hip-hop, but he still hopes to find that special woman he can settle down with … and VH1 is going to help! The “Sexy Can I” singer is getting his own dating show in 2009, and producers are already looking for smart, attractive women over 21 who think they can handle the drama of celebrity life. If you’re near one of the following locations, e-mail for an audition! Here’s your chance to roll down the red carpet with Ray J!"

Miami (

Chicago (

Las Vegas (

New York (

Dallas (

Houston (

Oklahoma City (

Los Angeles (

Ray J told me this once "I don't date stars, I MAKE stars." Soooo....If you ever wanted your fifteen minutes of fame you're not gonna wanna miss this one!

Where's the bump???

Ashlee Simpson was caught making her way through LAX airport...but where's the bump??? The young mom is halfway through her pregnancy and doing a great job at hiding it!!! Doesn't look like Ms.Ashlee has gained a pound! Unless black really is that deceiving

Friday, August 22, 2008

How Much More "Juicy" Could It Get....

More excerpts from Faith Evan’s “Keep the Faith” book are being leaked and little to our surprise see what happens when she catches BIGGIE in the bed giving the business to none other than Lil' Kim !

From "Keep The Faith"...
I don’t know what got into my head. But I decided that I needed to know once and for all what Big was really trying to do. On that night before Christmas, I drove to Big’s house on a mission to find out where I really stood.

The security guard at the gate just waved me in when I pulled up. It was Christmas Eve and she’d seen me come into the complex with the kids, so I guess she didn’t think anything of it. I parked in the rear of Big’s town house and walked up to the garage. It was locked. I hadn’t been over to Big’s house a whole lot but I did know that you jiggle the garage door a certain way and unlock it.

I got into the garage, where there was an elevator that would take me to both floors of Big’s duplex. There I was, rocking a black skully cap and a heavy goose-down jacket, tiptoeing into the elevator and pressing the button to go up to the second floor, where his bedroom was located. I got to Big’s bedroom door, turned the knob, and went inside. As soon as I saw a small lump next to Big’s large frame, I flew into a rage, ran over to the side of the bed, and pulled back the covers. I grabbed some chick our of the bed and started beating her ass. At some point, the chick’s wig came off in my hand; It was a short, cropped wig. I stopped throwing punches for a minute to get a good look at the chick I was beating up. It was Lil Kim. She was completely butt-naked, yelling as I pushed her around the room.

“So you not fucking her, right?” I screamed at Big. “Yeah, you not messing with her anymore,right?”

When they heard all the commotion, Cease, D-Roc, and Gutter came running into the room. ‘Oh shit!” they yelled in unison. “It’s Faye! How the hell she get in here?”

Big sat up in bed and pointed at Kim, who was standing in a corner of the room, trying to cover her naked body with her hands while I was still yelling at Big. “Yo, get her outta here,’ Big said. They led Kim out of the room and she screamed and cursed the whole way.

It was absolutely crazy in that house. Kim was naked and being led somewhere to get dressed. I was still screaming on Big. Damion, Cease, and Gutter were laughing in amazement that I would be so bold. And Big looked like he was just too through with all of us. He sat up in bed shaking his head. Kim left the house and I stayed, talking to Big about why he couldn’t be honest with me about her.

‘I thought it was all about Tiffany?” I asked. You still messing with Kim, too?” Big had nothing to say.
I have to say I actually felt some pity for Kim. (<—why!?!?) Big had a wife, and she settled for messing with him. Then he started dating Tiffany and Big had a wife and a mistress. And Kim still settled for being other other woman. It seemed pretty sad to settle for that. When I left a few hours later to get the kids, I noticed that Kim had taken my key to my Land Cruiser and scratched up my entire car, from the hood to the back bumper. Even though we ended up having sex that day (<—see that’s a dumb bish), at that point I decided I was 100 percent through. I was not going to be a ride or die chick, always going to lengths to show Big how I felt. I was the mother of his child and his wife. But I was going to have to let go.

I mean does it get better than this...WOW!

We Don't Believe You

Cassie who is definitly Diddy's "official girl" did her very best to showcase the media training she has gotten over the last 2 years when she stopped Hot 97, hopefully they have given her equally as much vocal training over that time as well.

I am still trying to figure out why they are continuing to invest in a dud, and they clearly forget about money makers Danity Kane?

Meet Audrina for $ 4,250

The website CharityFolks.Com has an auction up where you can bid on a dream vacation to LA for the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. You get to walk the red carpet, attend the VMAs and even meet Audrina from "the Hills" for right now a price of 4, 250.00

The contest reads as follows: Be a true VIP when you experience the glitz and glamour of the MTV Video Music Awards & After Party in Los Angeles on September 7, 2008! Stay in the heart of downtown LA in a Huge Room at The Standard, Downtown LA, meet some of your favorite stars and more!
This once-in-a-lifetime package includes:*
-2 Tickets to the VMA Awards*
-2 Tickets to the Ultra-Exclusive VMA After Party* Walk Down the Red Carpet* Meet and Greet with Audrina from The Hills* 3 Night Stay in a Huge Room at The Standard, Downtown LA

I mean Lauren was probably busy or at least 20 Grand!

G.O.O.D. Music is taking over!!!!!


First and foremost I am a Aubrey O'Day fan all day! But whyyyyyyyyy would anyone let her out of the house looking like this?!! I see what she's trying to do with the furry vest ( it's the same one Cassie and Rhi Rhi rocked, which is from the Olsen Twins clothing line, only this time in white) but the boots, the hair it's just all wrong!!!!!!!!!! She's starting to take the role of a cheap pron star rather then a Pop Star. Aubrey girl I can get you looking better in Forever 21 items then whatever this mess is right here. The good folks over at Bad Boy know Jen The Pen just get my number from them and we will get you right! xoxo JTP

This Is Too Easy

On a side note, I am hearing rumors of a possible engagement with her and the boy from Day 26, Q. I don't know about that one it kinda seems to me like she wants the attention that her bandmantes Aubrey and D. Woods are getting...I don't know maybe I'm wrong..


Most bloggers and readers of these blogs thought Kanye was just straight buggin,when he opted at the top of the summer to start rocking the nappy/fro at the END of the summer look who went and bit Kanye's whole hairstyle.....

SideBar:Jay was not rocking his shit like this at the final Glow in the Dark show at MSG. This is why I am forced to believe that he in fact is "Jockin Kanye"

Tune in tonight for FNMTV

Tonight MTV's viewer driven show FNMTV will air it's season finale. You are not gonna want to miss a performance by NeYo and the premieres of Cassie, John Legend and LL Cool J's new videos. And wherever Cassie is Diddy's not too far behind!