Monday, August 11, 2008

Rumors Rumors!!

Lil' Wayne's beautiful little girl Reganine Carter, the victim of a terrible rumor that she died in a car crash is LIVING AND ENJOYING LIFE!!!

Her mother Toya (pictured above) released this statement:
“Thanks For Being Concerned. Its a Horrible Rumor Thank GOD! My Princess Is @t School Learning.”

Whoever started this terrible rumor should be done away with for causing I'm sure unnecessary drama for the little girl, who might I say it absolutely adorable and looks just like her daddy!


d.o.c. said...

wow l'il waynes baby's mother is very pretty. idk why i'm so surprised...
his daughter is adorable.
whoever stared that rumour could use a swift kick in the head, who could start such a rumour about an innocent kid?
*side-eying khia*

Anonymous said...

Damn people are cruel. Glad she's okay.