Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beyonce or Rhi Rhi???

My manager and I were having an intense conversation last night about my career as "Jen The Pen" and somewhere in there we got sidetracked and she asked me this : "If you had to choose, Who would you rather be Beyonce or Rhianna"?? I said Beyonce all day!!! But with Rhiannas style lol
Now it's up to you guys to decide!!


Miami Mami said...

Rihanna TOTALLY! She has a way hotter boyfriend!

Anonymous said...

none of the above

Anonymous said...

gabrielle union

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol beyonce

Anonymous said...

i'll take

beyonce's vocals and hips

ciara's performing ability and legs

gabriell's smile and personality

rihanna's stylist

bitterness said...

i think u mean beyonce with rihanna's stylIST. and could u really imagine yourself kissing jay? *shudder*
come to think about it, i really haven't seen any pics of even beyonce kissing him. and i can't blame her.

Tasha said...

Beyonce.... all day long but the humbleness of Solo

Anonymous said...

Beyyonn Yon ! ,
she's feirce ,
her vocals, body, mind, and juust presence are craazy !

she's the hottest chiick in the gaame !! no questions assked ! she's like a female lil waayne lmfao !