Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Your thoughts..My advice

Dear Jen,
I don't know if you answer these often, but you give pretty good advice and I can appreciate that. If you do post this, please keep me invisible. If you don't post, do u still respond? Anyways, here it is.

I have been dealing with a guy for 8 months now, we have been casually dating until a few months ago, when he introduced me to his mom (she loves me by the way) and he said he was in love with me. Well, this weekend while he was gone, his teammate made some moves on me. I am tipsy, so a little xtra friendly. Well he grabbed my ass twice and said that I should be his girl, blah blah. But I told him that nothing would happen between him and I and that I am with so and so. Well I told my baby what happended at the club and haven't heard from him in two days! I usually wouldn't trip, but we talk ALL day through text or phone and he never goes to bed with out telling me he loves me. And he is a cold dude when he wants to be and said that if I ever showed any kind of disrespect to him, he would still fuck with me but treat me like a ho. I thought he was playing, but maybe he was telling the truth. But I really didn't do anything wrong, I am flirty but no floozy (lol)but thats my personality, and he knows very well that is how I am and he don't trip or I don't think he does anyways. So bottomline....did I cross the line somehow to the point he thinks he can't trust me? Kinda sucks but I will move on at a drop of a dime too..... unless he still wants me lol. I know you have guy friends, get their opinions too! Did I fuck up? What do you think?

 Hey girl! The classic boy issue! Well one great thing about ur questions my answers is that i reply regardless if they go up on the blog or not and all is kept private! so no worries there!

What I have learned over my 5 year course of dating  is that there are two different kinds of men, the ones that can let their woman run the streets and be super cool about it and then there's the ones who want their girls all to themselves and even the thought of another man even looking at your booty drives them up a wall. I mean I'm sure your man can respect that you're pretty and that men are gonna look...but there's a point of crossing the line and his homeboy went wayyyy over the line. And what I would say in any situation like this is "What did you do to maybe provoke that?" or was he just out of pocket disrespectful? And if so then your man needs to address his so called "Boy" about him and his disrespectful ways.
I do give it up to you for being 100% honest and truthfully thats all you can do is be honest. I would def hit him today like whats good? ur not fucking with me like that anymore? And take it from there.....flip the whole shit on his boy being disrespectful that will make him forget about ur flirting just go in hard on his boy! lol
Let me know how it all pans out! xoxo Jen The Pen

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