Monday, August 11, 2008

The OFFICIAL Yung Berg Update

As I was the 1st in the world to report on the Yung Berg arrest this weekend on G-Unit Radio here is the official synopsis straight from the source:

Yung Berg was in a car service late Friday night early Saturday morning in New York City when he threatened the driver that he was going to "beat the shit out of him" for reasons which are unknown right now. The driver who clearly wasn't about to get punk'd from the pint size rapper called police to the scene. When they arrived there was a gun on the floor of the car that no one was trying to claim (not too surprising). After hours of interrogation it turns out the gun wasn't Yung Berg's and did belong to his security guard. But Berg was charged with menacing (for his threat) and possesion of marijuana (again, no surprise). The rapper was released yesteday on 2000.00 bail and is out and about promoting his album "Look What You Made Me" which drops tomorrow.

Pretty good timing Yung Berg!


Anonymous said...

he is such a fool!

The Nerd At The Cool Table said...

That niggaz a asshole.

d.o.c. said...

what a fool.