Sunday, August 17, 2008

We Don't Believe You

Sooooo Kim Kardashian really wants us to believe that she is OVER her ASS!! 

She tells the new issue of Radar Magazine:
"I love that I'm curvy, but I'm on this major kick to try and lose weight, especially in my butt.  I'm just so over it! When you're on the red carpet and the paparazzi shout, 'Turn around! Turn around!'--it gets a little offensive"

I mean I love Kim as you all know, but for the other 99% of the world, what does she really think they love about her?? 


Anonymous said...

i want a 3some with u and Kim!! White girl mania!

Krisseno said...

Kim i need to do tha motorboat between those cheeks before you lost that ass you are 2 fine

A-King said...

How popular would she be without it. She needs to fall back....with me that is. HA!