Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Broderick's Family Vacation

Looks like all is good on The Broderick home front....and thank goodness for that! I would hate to think that my role models for the perfect entertainment couple could have actually went down the wicked path of cheating like so many of these troubled entertainers out here.
The happy family was photographed making their way through London's International airport for their next stop in Istanbul,Turkey. Little James Wilke looks.. well how can I say this in a nice way...kinda like they just rescued him from an orphanage. For having one of the best dressed moms in Hollywood this kid sure has landed himself on the back pages of US Weekly for "What Not To Wear". I have heard though that SJP has not bought James Wilke a new piece of clothing since he was born. It's apparent from the looks of this pic and so many others SJP believes in hand me downs and the salvation army. Way to GO GREEN!!!

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