Friday, August 29, 2008

White Girl Tip of the Week

Last night Spring Break Nicki and I did a quick good old fashion late night dinner at Chilli's. We were starving and didn't feel like driving off the island to eat. Anyway right thru our appetizer some random dude walks over to our table and says this Nicki:
" I would really love to take you out on a date....You look exactly like my ex girlfriend." Mind you the look of disgust on my face was definitly a kodak moment if there ever was one. So here's the thing,  Nicki and I  both happen to already be taken but if I wasn't fellas let me tell you this, that is NOT the pick up line to use to get into any womans panties!!!!!! Where in your right mind would you ever think I would want to date you after you told me i look like your ex??? Because I wanna sit across the table from someone who was looking at me slightly pretending I was his old bitch?! Fuck out of here, next thing a dude like that will be telling you is you remind him of his mother (also not a very good line when trying to land yourself some ass). So fellas if there's anything you can take from me going into your last weekend of summer please let it be this:Ditch the corny pick up lines and just flat out ask the chick your digging out on a simple date. xoxo JTP

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There goes that pic i love

When u gonna be my official "blog boo"??? lmao