Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do You Like?

I told you guys yesterday that I had to go with Ray J to 106 & Park for the 2000th episode to do my styling 1,2 thing. So for anyone that missed the show yesterday...see below to check my work..
In case you were wondering...Ray J is wearing:
(-) Louis Vuitton Crew Neck Sweatshirt
(-) Taverniti Jeans
(-) Salvatore Ferragamo Sneakers
(-) Salvatore Ferragamo Belt
(-) Vintage Cazal Sunglasses


baybay said...

he didn't wear them well, i'm sorry. but he didn't look horrible.

jeans were too baggy- a bit too long and too much space esp. around the hips

idky, but the sweater just did not look good on him.

umm the accessories looked aiight tho.
sorry sweetie but u asked right.

Miami Mami said...

baybay is the #1 hater, Ray J looked hot and those glasses are fire!!

Anonymous said...

He looked good and I LOVE the shades BUT the sneaker were all wrong.

Anonymous said...

Glasses and Shirt are fire!

Anonymous said...

Well done my dear love the shoes and, the shades nice neutral color. Not to flashy just right love you Jen I need you to dress me even though we got the same SWAG.

---Myzz Whitney--- said...

I loved the sweater and glasses.

wasnt feelin the shOes. Kinda reminded me of those Pro keds! lol...but yOu did your thing! =]

Jerksua said...

Jen---Where can I pick up those glasses and how much?

Anonymous said...

You go Jen! cute fit. but the shoes weren't so cute. should've dun a crisp white gym shoe or neutral LV sneaker for him.

baybay said...

shut the fuck up miami!! firstly i was agreeing with ya dumb ass saying people should just type in a name. fool.

b/c i have an opinion i am a hater??! fool shut da fuck up!!

missv said...