Friday, August 22, 2008


First and foremost I am a Aubrey O'Day fan all day! But whyyyyyyyyy would anyone let her out of the house looking like this?!! I see what she's trying to do with the furry vest ( it's the same one Cassie and Rhi Rhi rocked, which is from the Olsen Twins clothing line, only this time in white) but the boots, the hair it's just all wrong!!!!!!!!!! She's starting to take the role of a cheap pron star rather then a Pop Star. Aubrey girl I can get you looking better in Forever 21 items then whatever this mess is right here. The good folks over at Bad Boy know Jen The Pen just get my number from them and we will get you right! xoxo JTP


The Nerd At The Cool Table said...

Shes a freak...i can see it in her eyes

Scrapper1 said...

she is starting to look like her best friend,Jenna Jameson

Tasha said...

Aubrella is trying to different but she is really starting to look like what Jenna Jameson look like b4 she reformed herself... the hoe look is not cute. take the weave out and lay off on the botox... damn diddy get them a stylist ill do it for FREE