Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who the hell is Russell Brand???

MTV's Video Music Awards are getting ready to bestow upon us what they do every year...A Funfilled Fabulous Red Carpet, Drunken Interviews from some of our favorite artists and of course the ever so entertaining performances of some of this years biggest records and oh yea MTV ALWAYS has a special surprise in store! But my question this year is who the hell is this host Russell Brand and why should we be excited about him???? The only thing about this VMA promo that excites me is how fabulous my Britney looks! U go girl!


Anonymous said...

Russel Brand is one of the funniest quickest comdeiens in england...And is a top ranked swordsman lol he is a little outrageous with some of the things he comes out with, but that will go down well at the vma's

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

He's a joker, prally shut the game down at the VMA's this year no doubt..

just youtube his name..

sherl said...

Is this waste of spunk still alive?

He is??

Damn, aint life a bitch?

Russel Brand is one of the funniest - You're shitting me right?

He's about as funny as your woman gobbling your dick with a mouthfull of salt!