Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brit and her rapper support team

Ms.Britney Spears is defintily going to be remembered as the comeback queen of our time and while she's on the right track and gettting ready to drop her next album titled "Circus" she has the support of FABO and Lil John.

It's going to be a big album," Lil Jon told People magazine at the VH1 Save the Music Hip Hop Honors in New York on Thursday. "She is focused and she wants it again, so it's definitely going to happen for her."

Meanwhile, Fabolous—who remixed Spears' single "Break the Ice" earlier this year—praises Spears' resilience, according to OK! Magazine.

"A lot of people count her out, but she's been able to bounce back from adversity," he opines. "She's back looking, if not as good as before, even better. I would love to do more remixes for Britney."

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baybay said...

britney, britney, britney...
we'll just have to see.
people always have so much faith in her then she can't follow through.
i'll just keep my fingers crossed and expectations low