Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jim Jones Remixes Day N Nite

While Kid Cudi still does not have a video for his overly popular record Day N Nite (the song which helped pave the way to his signing with G.O.O.D. Music) Jim Jones apparently thought it was necessary to get his remixed version out and provide a video.
It's a great look for Cudi to have someone in Jim Jones position wanna jump on your record...now Cudi I think is the time to get your highly anticipated video for Day N Nite out.
Below I have posted Jim Jones remix along with Cudi's original you guys decide who's verses you like better!


WatzReal said...

Im sooo sorry but Jim Jones is Wack!

baybay said...

although i luv kid cudi's original (it's soo hypnotic) i luv luv LUV the crookers remix.

about jim jones, watzreal said it best and don't be sorry 'bout it boo, it ain't yo fault. and his wack "remix" is wack as well.

him and joe budden need a hiatus.

Anonymous said...

Kid cudi got this man, Jimmy's voice doesn't make his verse any better.

chinkii™ said...

ehh... cudi

sfrisco said...

heard jones the otha day. this my first time hearin otha dude them both nice. beat is knockin, love u jenny baby

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Jim, but he went in on this one. Very lyrical and I believe he keep with the premise of the song but brought his own way of thinking to it. The original doesn't go anywhere.