Monday, October 13, 2008

Neyo loses virginity at age 9???

Neyo sat down with Big Boi and Luscious Liz Hernandez as they went in and pulled out the hat of forbidden questions. (Cute Idea) The game works like this Big Boi gets to ask whatever questions he wants and the artist must answer with no hesitation.
And with no hesitation Neyo answers the 3 finger slap question with the quickness... Yung Berg he replies ( Not for nothing I think the only reason he named Yung Berg is because he knows no other rapper out here would let him get away with that shit)....he then proceeds to claim he lost his virginity at 9 by a 15yr old. Wouldn't that be considered rape??? And when asked who's the smelliest...well Chris Brown got that award. Check the footage below for more outtakes.

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evanka. said...

does no one else think 9 is disturbing??!!