Sunday, April 20, 2008

Clearing the air

The video below was my first introduction with the whole Gunit. I recently came across a comment that said the following: 
elldog56 (3 days ago) 0 Reply | Spam
lol these niggas stole that bitch from duke da god

I thought it was only right to address the comment. #1 any comments that refer to me as a "Bitch" from this point on will no longer be posted... Secondly in all fairness No, one crew stole me from the next, I began my radio career independently moved on to become Gunit Radios gossip girl and yes I have something in the works with Duke Da God. Jen the Pen is an independent commodity!
Nonetheless I love you all for listening every week, visiting my blog and posting your comments.

1 comment:

V. Bella said...

Do I need to buss someone's ass?? THANKS!

First of all, a person can't be STOLEN dumb ass!

UGHHHHHHHHH dont get me started Jen!