Thursday, April 10, 2008

White Girl Tip of the Week

To the left in this pic is my best friend Spring Break Nicki, I thought I would introduce her to you all since she plays such an instrumental role in alot of my W.G. Tips. So this one today is dedicated to her.

I've learned thru some of my relationships and thru some of Spring Breaks that you have to take the good with the bad, people you love will leave, let you down when you least expect it and surprise you in sooo many ways. Watching and dare I say it "Judging" Nicki's up and down rollercoaster ride with her russian lover the past two years has taught me the best thing you can do when you love someone is to believe in them and be patient, your heart will never lead you in the wrong direction. Her believing and patience with him has brought her to a place in their relationship that I can truly say "I'm happy for her"
In conclusion my tip is this "Believe in Love"

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