Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blonde Of The Week 3

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    What's the deal? So little Ms. JTP is on vacation huh??? I guess this would be a good time to break back into her blog!!!! Yup I have once again decoded the password to Jen's Blog to bring you yet another installment of "Blonde Of The Week". When we last left off we were honoring one of my personal favs "Kelly Bundy" aka Christina Applegate. I have it on good authority that indeed Ms. Applegate was born a "Natural Blonde".
    Which brings us to week 3. This next lady has had one of the most successful careers an actress can ask for. The character that we're featuring this week was part of a cast that went on to be one of TV's most beloved sitcoms. This week's "Blonde Of The Week" is St.Olaf's (Lol) own "Rose Nylund" of the Golden Girls. The woman who played "Rose" is the world famous Betty White. Betty White,Bea Arthur,Rue McClanahan & Estelle Getty starred in this sitcom which was based on 4 retired woman who all lived together in a Florida community but basically are still trying  to "get some"(Hahaha). One of the highlights of the show is would be when "Rose" would bust out one her "St.Olaf" stories. Strangely enough, there was always an example in the story that pointed to whatever one of the girls were dealing with. But Rose's character definitely always challenged the statement,"With age comes wisdom!!!" Check out this classic episode where the girls try to buy condoms,lambskin at that!!!
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