Monday, March 31, 2008

I'll be back!

Ok people so i've been a bad blogger and probably will be for the next couple days. The past week has been filled with nothing but endless days...and when i get back to my better blogging ways I promise to fill you all in on whats been happening and whats coming up in the world of Jen the Pen! 
I got a super special Bloggermercial coming up mid week from one of my favorite R&B artists.So make sure to check back for that!!!
Also be sure you all tune in to Yo MTV Raps April 1st at 4:30 pm, bcuz my favorite rappers video will be premiering!!!!!!!!! If you know me the slightest bit I bet you can guess who! If you're having a blonde moment make sure to be glued to your tv to see!

I'll be working and trying to get some R&R time  in while in Miami the next few days! But I got you all when I get back! I love you all for visiting everyday!!!

xoxo jen the pen


Anonymous said...

hurry home...we miss you miss pen!

h.e.r.fection said...

have fuuuun babe