Thursday, March 13, 2008

Your thoughts..My advice

Everyday I get a new piece of mail in my jenthepenadvice box that asks "How do I get started in the business of music"? My honest answer is always this, "Patience and Persistence will get you anywhere and always remember in this business REALTIONSHIPS are KEY!" I promised you all that some of my favorite emails may get posted on my blog from time to time, so below are your questions and my answers.
xoxo Jen the Pen

Q: I am a 22yr old recent graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Criminal Justice and I am having trouble getting into the "business" (of entertainment). I am finding out that it is not what you know, it is who you know and that is where I seem to be hitting a road block. I have great work experience, know how to grind hard, and have had internships..even one with the "Queen of all Media", Wendy Williams and I still have had no luck.
I decided to go out on a limb and write you because I did see you on Dame Dash's "Ultimate Hustler" and am familiar with your work, blogs, etc. And I see that even thought you may not have won the contest you had the forum that opened up various opportunities for you and I would love to have the same chance. I would like, if possible, is some direct and advice/info, contact person.

A: hey Allana! Well you def get love from me due to the fact you are also a child of Miss. Wendy! A few years back I had the pleasure of interning for her as well.
I have to be honest I can't just hand you over my contacts.. as you can respect I've built a brand for myself and it's taken years for me to have the opportunities that i have now. It def did not happen overnight as it may seem.

Q:What would you suggest for someone aiming to break into the entertainment industry as a personal assistant? How should someone go about that process?

A:hey Cherelle,
My best advice to you is network network network, find out where the industry parties are at and mix and mingle. it's not about what u know its who u know in this biz! Let the world know you're here to be a personal assistant and you're not going anywhere! it's what i've done and it hasnt steered me wrong since.
Relationships are key!!!!!!!

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