Sunday, March 9, 2008

Every queen needs her king

Since I am the queen of the bloggermercial, I figured it was only fair to introduce you all to my king of the bloggermercial. A few months ago like any random evening around my house, Consequence and I were playing around with my imovie, I was totally intriguied with it when I first figured it out and all I wanted to do was make a "Movie". I asked Cons to say something for my blog about me being his favorite white girl. Being the "wordsmith" Cons is he automatically came up with the clever word "Bloggermercial" and it just kinda stuck. So for all of you that missed the bloggermercial that paved the way for all the others now heres your chance.

Look out for brand new "Bloggermercials" every week along with what I like to call BloggerBloopers" you'll be sure to laugh right along with me!

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