Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blonde Of The Week 2

What's Up Fam???

S.A.Q. 192


What's shaking??? I'm back!!! It's The Cons Fool aka "Client 192". I apologize for the delay but I got some MAJOR shit in the works which required my undivided attention. More about that later. Nevertheless I am back with the 2nd installment of "Blonde Of The Week."Our first honorary "Blonde" was Suzanne Somers aka "Chrissy" from Three's Company. After extensive research via Google we discovered that Suzanne IS indeed a Natural Blonde. Moving right along to our 2nd inductee. This is a woman who I wanted to pin down as a teenager. She was sexy,funny,dumb as a rock and her TV Dad sold shoes. Yup you guessed it "Kelly Bundy" aka Christina Applegate. As the "Dumb Blonde" daughter on the Hit TV Sitcom "Married With Children" Christina's character "Kelly" made being slutty cute. There were so many moments of "Brain Freeze" for this girl that I don't know where to start. But I must admit that Christina in real life is a Go Getter. She has a list of credits that start at the age of 5 years old and continues to this day. Her roles have garnered her the attention of both the Emmys' & Golden Globe Awards. So check out this classic clip of "Kelly Bundy" from an episode of "Married With Children". We can't conclude this installment without asking the burning question. Is Christina Applegate a Natural Blonde???
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