Tuesday, March 4, 2008

They say I write with many pens

They definitly don't call me the ultimate hustler for nothing and when Dame Dash gave me my nickmame "Jen the Pen" he knew I was destined for greatness!
Besides running my mouth every saturday on Gunit Radio and working as a personal assistant to the ever so talented songwriter Adonis, in my spare time I've taken up styling. (thanks to Consequence)
When I heard they needed a stylist for Ray J's video shoot for "Sexy Can I " I jumped at the chance. I was soo happy to be involved and what made it even more special was that Ray J was truly pleased with every look, no type of money can replace the feeing of pride I had for myself yesterday. Every time I turned around I got praised by someone different on how amazing Ray looked. Below are some behind the scenes pics from the shoot! Look out for the video on 106 and Park and TRL within the coming weeks. Think of me when you watch! :0)


h.e.r.fection said...

aww u go girl

Anonymous said...

ray j looks amazing, you rock Ms. Pen!

Socialyte said...

Well alright chicky, I see u doin it!