Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer 06- They made it splish we made it SPLASH

Last night over a magnum bottle of White Zinfendel and a bag of Tostitos, Spring Break Nicki and I reminisced on the good old days. That being the summer of 06. It was a jet setting summer that led us right to Virgina during a NFL charity event. As corny as the club was Spring Break and I always know how to make the best of a situation. The night the photo above was taken, Nicole ended up so wrecked she crawled out of elevator throwing up as she screamed out "That Fucking Fish!!!" My shoe got lost in an undisclosed location and all I can remember from the evening was taking this shot, and getting a phone call from Nicole screaming "If you don't get your ass up here in 5 minutes we're leaving without you!" And the best part of all had to be Nicole ending up in a bathtub naked as I ran out yelling "Nic I got to go!"

Good Times Good Times

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