Thursday, January 17, 2008

The 1 Series

Since I was once in the buisness of car selling, I always find myself a bit interested time and time again in whats going on in the world of cars. And today I found some rather big news for BMW. The company has decided to stray a bit from it's roots to bring us a new coupe that will be less then 30K. They call it the 1series or the 135 (which happens to be a little more pricey at 35K)
They've been selling these cars in Europe since about 2004, the price of the car caught my eye but the body of it..ehh not so much from behind it reminds me a bit of the Volvo S60. The inside rather isn't as roomy as a volvo would be. Either way when this car goes on the market in NY the lease prices on it will suck anyway. Any new make or model has horrible residuals when they first arrive on the scene so all in the all the BMW 1 Series is a big bust.

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