Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My top 5 pet peeves at the gym

I try to spend atleast 4 days a week in the gym believe me I would love to spend more but life sometimes seems to get in the way of that. But the days that I am there I get to really observe people and their habits and learn more and more about myself and my pet peeves. Below I have listed my top 5 pet peeves at the gym.

1. If there are 4 treadmills to the left and or right of me that are free to use, why does the overweight guy who can't breathe when he walks have to come and use the one directly next to me!!! Move the fuck over! Don't you see there's 10 more that noones using! I'm sweating enough, I don't need the sweat off of your forehead landing on me.

2. Whoever thought it was a good idea to hire fat unattractive women to work the front desk must not have taken any sociology classes in college....Now this may only apply to me but when I walk into the gym I want to be greeted by someone who's in shape not some sloppy mess.

3. What's with the old men who wear booty shorts that allow their whole package to be exposed while excersing. Is this how you court women at 50 years old? I wanna see tight ab's not some shriveled up balls.

4. Girls that wear makeup to the gym. Is this Match.com or Planet Fitness?

5. The juice head who just got done sticking a needle in his ass but comes to the gym to socialize and feel like the big man on campus. (This is bcuz he no longer feels like the big man in the bedroom. Steroids shrink your penis)

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