Sunday, January 6, 2008

My new guilty pleasure

The writers strike is finally over! And all I can say is PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!!! I can now get back to living vicariously through all my favorite television programs. (i.e. Greys Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters) These days ABC seems to be able to feed my inner cravings for drama, romance and good old fashion anticipation waiting for it all to unravel again the following week. Which brings me to my new guilty pleasure which debuted tonight on ABC, Cashmere Mafia.
After a busy weekend which included an over due New Years dinner with my best friend Spring Break Nicki which then led to bar hopping in Bay Ridge Brooklyn with all the "Bros" (Bros meaning white boys from BK who think they're mafia...think "Growing up Gotti") which landed us somehow walking twenty blocks and me dropping my pants to pop a squat. Moving right along I inevitably woke up with a small hangover Saturday morning. With all the strength I had, I pulled myself together because folks it is saturday! And we know what that means! Dj Whoo Kid and my loyal listeners of Gunit Radio are in need of their dose of Jen The Pen and her white girl gossip! By the time Saturday finally ended I was getting my ass whipped by Consequence at a friendly game of Monopoly. Now to Sunday. My nieces and nephew came for a visit so that left me to entertain, so you can only imagine by 9pm I was ready for my weekly dose of Desperate Housewives. And can I say they didn't exactly leave me quenching for next weeks show..... anywayyyyyyy......back to the reason I'm here writing this rather then watching Sex and the City repeats.
Cashmere Mafia debuted tonight! And this show right here has potential to be added to my list of guilty pleasures. The show is based in New York City, which stars four high powered, successful, beautiful woman all with dream jobs and four outstanding different hair colors and styles! Lucy Liu heads up the show playing Mia a key player for a huge publishing firm where both her and her fiance have a week to compete for the same high ranked position in the company, Frances O'Connor plays Zoe an investment banker with two children and a architect husband, Miranda Otto as Juliet,the stone faced red head also a COO of a major hotel chain who can't seem to keep her husband from landing in different hotel rooms with different women. And then there's Bonnie Sommerville who plays Caitlin she's got a kinda kiss ass attitude but also fun and energetic at the same time which works perfect for her being that she's a head marketing executive for a cosmetic firm. Mid show Caitlin finds herself questioning her sexuality and ends up kissing a female client.
Now that we're acquainted with all these four ladies, my absolute favorite thing about the entire show is that while being addicted to their crackberrys, managing careers and love lives they still manage to balance one meal together as a foursome everyday to discuss their life and love woes and swallow it all down with a glass of wine. Might I add these are my kind of chicks!
On a show where the men are expendable the clothes are beyond fabulous and alcohol is served with every meal, I find myself addicted just off the premiere episode! Check back in next week to see if Cashmere Mafia was able to keep me lusting for more! Kissessssssss Bitchessssssssssss xoxoxo

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