Friday, January 11, 2008

Dj Clue Presents P.Diddy,Siroc & The BadBoy Family

OK so it's been a few days since I've posted....but between you and me there's no way in hell I can stay glued to this computer and blog all my waking moments. I needed time to get out in the world and mingle with the people. And what better spot to get with the movers,shakers and groupies of the music biz then DJ Clue's birthday soiree at Times Squares very own Spotlite.
Now please keep in mind I received the invite about a week before the event and at first glimpse I was actually kinda pumped about going. I mean it's been a minute since I hit the scene. With the holidays and all a chick got caught up in just laying up. So Clue's birthday jumpoff would be the perfect spot to make my 2008 cameo!
Fast forwarding to Wednesday January 9th....I run to the mall and grab my all black attire.. Clue is insisting that everyone be dressed to impress in all black. Being a woman of the 21st century yes i have tons of black pieces to wear...but theres something about popping tags when you're headed out for a night on the town. (Daddy Dame Dash taught me well I guess) I meet up with my management to arrive at Spotlite at about 11pm. The "Secret" soiree looked like the streets outside of Madison Square Garden on a night the knicks are home. I wasn't very surprised at the turn out either, Clue had been talking about this "Secret" soiree for two weeks straight. (Sidebar: What the fuck are you calling it a secret for if you're inviting half of goddamn NYC!
Announcing something on urban fm radio, somehow makes the event lose it's sexiness and appeal. But whatever P.Diddy is hosting so the shit can't possibly be wack.
So here's the catch when you ask Puff to host your event be aware the event is no longer yours lol I can't help but die fucking laughing everytime i think about the shit. It really was BadBoy for life up in that bitch. Posters of Cherri Dennis, Cassie and Puff lined the walls, while Siroc (Puff's Vodka) commercials played over and over and over again on every tv screen that decorated the venue. DJ Suss One played back to back BadBoy artists music and Cassie's boo Ryan Leslie performed his new joint "Diamond Girl". Oh and the best part Puff stood sqaure front and center on the second floor VIP area as he looked down on the crowd and made sure all paparazzi had a clear shot of him at all angles.

It is what it is though....without Puff and his badboy entourage the event would have been filled with groupie ass hoes and the Retro kids. Apparently Fab,Cheo,Webb and the rest of the street family had better things to do then come to their mans birthday party.....
In parting words keep this in mind "Diddy definitely runs the City!!!

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