Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My next challenge

If you know and love me, you should know that when I started out in this game at the tender age of 18, my dream job was to be the "Lizzie Grubman of Personal Assisiting". I would do everything from assiting the local staten island rapper, to walking around Manahattan visiting every mixtape store there was and leaving my business cards. All in hopes to become Dj Clue's assistant and work my way up to becoming Puff's assistant. Strange but true. In my daily ventures I came across Kay Slays right hand man and ended up being offered a job with them. Mind you I was 18, driving a beat up Cavalier and using all the money I had to get back and forth to the city everyday just to go to this job and make a lousy $200 dollars a week. But I said fuck it, it's better then being an intern and not getting paid at all.
That position eventually took a turn for the worst and I was back working odd end jobs and searching the internet everyday for the next chance at becoming someones "Assistant" I eventually interned for Wendy Williams made tons of contacts, went on tons of job interviews with artists, managers and everything in between... when The Ultimate Hustler came to furition.
This was it! My time to shine! And noone could tell me anything different! The chance to be on a reality show with Dame Dash! One of the top moguls of our time and be able to showcase my abilities to be the best assistant one could be. I had waited for this chance and I wasn't going to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Fast forward. Through long interview cycles I was picked! I was going to be a contestant on The Ultimate Hustler! Hence where I got my name "Jen The Pen" Dame Dash said I literally wrote everything down and I would one day be a great assistant to someone. He thought I was crazy for not setting my goals higher...but I had a plan...and my plan hasn't turned out so bad. I'm the assistant to one of the top songwriters in the music buisness, and have used my reality show celebrity to become "Jen The Pen" a witty, charming radio personality. One would think I should be soo proud of myself and content....but at last I'm always looking for a challenge.
And so I think I might have found my next big challenge in life http://www.workforpdiddy.com/

Wish me luck everyone!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Jen.. I think that this is a good stepping stone, and I think you can do it, but u might end up choking his ass out! lol