Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a cocksucker!!!!

Apparently Britney Spear’s paparazzo on-and-off again boyfriend Adnan Ghalib is far from done milking his meal tickets. After selling his story to Entertainment Tonight and The Insider last week, Adnan is now trying to sell six video diaries of the mentally unstable star.
And now he’s asking $2 million for the YouTube-style clips!

Again I ask when is someone going to step in...this is sad and pathetic and even more disgusting are the networks that are paying for the footage and voicemails.I really just want to hug poor Britney.

A source for News Of The World got a preview of the clips, and here’s their breakdown:

CLIP 1 shows Britney sitting on her bed wearing a nightie. She talks about herself in the third person and rambles about her childhood. She’s heard saying:

“When Britney was a child, she had to work really hard. When she was 13 years old, she won all the beauty pageants.”

CLIP 2 shows Brit wrapped in a white bath towel, again perched on the edge of the bed. Talking to thin air, she mumbles:

“Britney has an angel looking out for her, don’t you, angel?”

CLIP 3 sees Britney talking to Adnan, who’s holding the camera, and calling him by his pet name Bubba.

She smiles: “I’m really happy. Bubba’s here for me now. It’s all good.”

Adnan is still withholding CLIP 4 and CLIP 5.

CLIP 6, filmed last week, shows Britney crying hysterically after a night out. Mascara stains her cheeks as she wails: “Britney wants to live. I’m not crazy. I miss the kids and I did love Kevin.”

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