Monday, January 14, 2008

5 things I learned in Miami

Being that this is my last and final night in the Mia, I thought I would school you all on a few things that i've learned from being surrounded by nothing but men and groupies.

Starting in at #5. Groupies will always be present in any recording session, theres no going around this..rather then giving them the stink face, befriend the bitches they may be able to inspire a blog posting (like this one) or teach you some tricks of the trade on sucking a mean you know what.
#4. While sitting in on a session keep your ears WIDEEEEE open the shit these artists be talking about is priceless
(i.e. my blog labeled PeeYouuu)
#3. Sandals in Miami in the month of January is OK ( i had issues when packing and felt funny about bringing open toes in january.. it must be that NY winter fashion in me)
#2. Going off your diet and following what the boys are eating NOT a good idea! (Now i gotta run extra hard on that treadmill come Wednesday)
And the #1 thing I learned in Miami is......
#1. All men are HOES!

I got a bonus tip for you... Ladies please don't think when he (the artist,producer,songwriter) invites you to his session you are NOT special nor are you the only one, he's already invited a different bitch the nights before.. it's like clockwork, he's got the a different one for a different day and different hours. They practically check in at a time clock. (The time clock being his assistant)

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