Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive!!!

Just when you all thought Rocsi and Terrence were getting it in....guess again, my VERY VERY reliable source has filled me in with some very juicy gossip about 106 & Parks very own Rocsi. They tell me that Rocsi and football star Roy Williams have been exclusivley dating now for the past six months, Roy recently purchased an 08 Range Rover as a gift for Rocsi.
As soon as the football stars agent and friends got wind of this news they immediatley told him to fall the fuck back and take the truck back!
But where Roy fucked up was when he paid the whole lease upfront and encouraged Rocsi to put the truck in her name.
Williams has asked the dealership to withhold the plates for the vehicle from Rocsi as she rants and raves begging and pleading for the dealership to give up her plates.
DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!! I'll keep you all posted on how this story unravels.

I say Rocsi's pussy can't be that good if all it took for Roy to flip on her was a few words from his dudes....

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