Friday, January 18, 2008

"It's like a forest down there!!"

I know the title of this blog has some of you thinking WTF! Cuz I know i would be saying the same thing to myself. So let me brief you on my evening last night and where such a title comes from. Like any weekday evening I did dinner with two of my girlfriends. One of those friends just happened to get married last week, and the other his back dating "The Russian". One cocktail into dinner and the sex talks begin. I mean besides catching up on what our work weeks have been like the next topic on the agenda is always SEX. And boy can I tell you we all have 3 very different sex lives... to be a fly on that wall... I tell ya!
There ended up being two questions of the night(one which will act as my White Girl Tip of the week on Sunday) but the one that had me chocking on my Cosmopolitan was the ... "How do you ask somebody to trim their balls?"
Seems like "The Russian" doesn't take a razor to that bitch very often and my dear friend ends up getting a pube caught up her nose everytime she takes a trip down south. My logical answer was "You may not want to ask him to take it all off... theres certain pheromones in the hair that get let out when you both become aroused.. the more he takes off the less horny you may get for him. (Side bar: I speak from experience, I mean by all means you never want a forest but theres just something not so sexy about a man taking it all off...and if i could compare hair down there to no hair down there....I've never gotten right off of someone who was a baldie)
So my answer to her was fuck it. Let him live why fuck up a good "fuck"

But the question still remains.... 

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