Thursday, January 31, 2008

My "BLONDE" Moment

Ok so I'm not a real blonde but I am DEFINITLY true to the sterotype and have my moments! The video below may just challenge Jessica Simpsons "Chicken of The Sea" moment.
Long story short, Rapper Consequence recently shot his video for "Feel This Way" off of his critically acclaimed "Don't Quit Your Day Job" album. I was lucky enough to be part of the team and throw my extra special "Jen The Pen" touch on the coordination of the video. Quence decided it would be fun to film all adventures leading up to the day of filming. And of course the most special moment was our dinner to India on the Hudson. This was my introduction to Indian food. (Sidebar: I must really trust dude, others have tried but have failed) So the entire time driving to Hoboken, Cons kept talking about something called "Naan Bread"
Mind you, in my head I'm like "WHAT THE FUCK is Non Bread?" But I didn't wanna ask and sound stupid. So I just rode it out, hoping I would figure it out.
Well we get to the restaraunt and Cons starts ordering... so me not knowing what anything is gonna taste like, I tell him to just order for me. Ok so you all remember Along Came Polly right? Well all i could do was pray I wasn't gonna have a Ben Stiller episode when he was in the Indian spot. This was only like my second date. There were no time for bathroom attacks.
So fast forward to the serving of the appetizer, the Naan Bread comes out and below is "My Blonde Moment"
Shout out to my favorite rapper Consequence for showcasing my moment!!!
Make sure to check out his blog
He's also got something special to add to my blog starting next week! Make sure to check back!

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