Monday, June 16, 2008

Cons & Jen's Day of Fun!!!!!

This past weekend Mr. Cons to the Quence and I enjoyed our first "Real Day of Fun" ( he may tell the story a little different over on his blog, but don't believe the hype it was all his idea lol) Moving right along.... So we left the big city,cell phones, and anything music related behind (well not completley since every other person in the park was super hype to see a rapper in the park) and set off to Great Adventure for some well deserved fun!
I hadn't been to Great Adventure since my eighth grade field trip, so my body was not equipped for the shock it was about to go into...but I braved it all and even got on some upside down shit. Here's a clip of me playing my favorite boardwalk game. Make sure to go over to Con's blog for some more clips from our day of fun. It's been decided that Cons and I deserve our on tv show, I'm the Jessica Simpson to his Nick Lachey lol

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