Thursday, June 19, 2008

When I Grow Up...

....I want to be like Rihanna, lol. I mean does this girl ever make a mistake???? Above are some pics of Rihanna out and about in NYC this week. With every change of hair style, tattoo, outfit, or shoe, she stays flawless. I really can't say much just that this bitch is BAD!!! I mean I really just had to take the time out to pay respect when respect is due. I mean ladies as you know looking great isn't easy and sometimes painful and we are all so quick to point out the flaws of these celebrity's and our day to day peers, so its a rare occassion to say someone is just constantly looking like perfection. And just to any haters out there I am not gay, I love me a man, but when someone is getting down for their crown, you better recognize!

Check Rihanna's new single "Disturbia below"

Disturbia (FuLL) - Rihanna

Photos courtesy of Ultimate-Rihanna.Com

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