Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Usher Confesses

Usher did his thing last night on the BET awards now listen in as he dared to answer any question Cosmo magazine threw at him.

Cosmo: How is life at 29?
Usher: As a single man,you stay up all night and get called Daddy. As a father,you still stay up and get called Daddy..but for different reasons!

Cosmo: Are you better at understanding women?
Usher: No. I don't care how many books there are-they don't teach you how to operate on your feet!

Cosmo: What's the scariest thing about falling in love?
Usher: I'm good at making love,but I'm not good at being in love. It's a conscious decision every day to love the person you're with.

Cosmo: When are you friskiest?
Usher: I'm a morning and a night guy..but you do more dirt in the dark than during the daytime!

Cosmo; Be honest: Do you like your bod as much as women do?
Usher: I want to look the best I possibly can. Growing a gut didn't work for me-you know,where you look down and can't see your penis? Some women find it sexy. It gives them a sense that a dude ain't going nowhere.

Cosmo: When did you last cry?
Usher: When Will Smith's dog died in I am Legend. I don't know,something in the movie connected with me-the fact that the dog was his only link to normalcy.

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