Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Puerto Rico Oh Oh

This past Sunday the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade went down right here in NYC. This is definitly the 2nd biggest parade that happens in NY, aside from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day one. It is definitly the most rowdiest of parades that sure bring out those "special characters" known to man which is the main reason you will never catch me there, unless of course I have my own float!

Jordin Sparks made an appearance.

So did up and coming group The D.E.Y. (i love Elan by the way)

Mr. "Hi Hater" himself Maino was there, but is he even Puerto Rican?

Ms. Smushy face Kat Deluna waves the flag proudly.

**Shouts to all my Puerto Rican Mami's and Papi's**

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