Friday, June 6, 2008

I love my fans!!!

I recieved this message today and it has indeed come in the nic of time, we all have our days,weeks or even months when we may not being feeling our very best of the best and a couple of days ago I had a day or so like that so I wanna thank Matt from Detroit for loving what I do every week on Shade 45!!!! xoxo jen the pen

Date:Jun 5, 2008 5:35 PM
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"Jen the Pen"ur great on shade45!

Damn Jen!

I will make it short n sweet but i always have shade 45 on all week but always on saturday too! I am a fan of "The white girls news of the the day" its great...just thought id throw you a compliment for the day but sure ya dont need any!!

just wanted 2 show u some love from detroit rock city(the real shadyville)!

italians love jen the pen in the D!!!


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