Thursday, June 26, 2008

After Party Pimpin

Yes the BET awards are over but not until you all get a glimpse of these after party pics, while you were home glued to the tv watchng that corny Ciroc after party the real stars of the night found their way over to a lavious party in hollywoods hills.
Dosen't Diddy look like he was drinking wayyyyyyyyyy toooooo much Ciroc???

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thekid10705 said...

yea yea yea...1st things 1st!! Ciroc sucks!! Puff looks like he's rockin' an 8 ball jacket, Kim looks like that 90 yr old NYC socialite byrd, Jocelyn something-really fuckin' scary- and the dude with the teeth behind Puff has to go back to the UK, don't front!!!

Ashanti's my favorite and big up to Nelly with the $5 keg cup in hand!!!