Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mama DOES Know best

It turns out Usher clearly is regretting at least ONE of his choices that he made, this one being the firing of his manager who is also his mother Jonetta Patton. After two failed singles he has fired mega manager Benny Medina (Tyra Banks, J.LO) who has his own feelings about Usher's departure: "With an artist like Usher, the bar is set really high. Whether it was management, marketing or the music, we achieved a number one single and a number one album. It is a completely new day and time in music now. In four years, his audience, demographic, and musical direction has changed. Records like Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop' are the type of phenomena that 'Yeah' was in 2004."

So Usher has decided to put his mom back in the driver's seat of his career, but the fact is Benny has some valid points in some sense, but let's face it, Usher let his relationship with is "wife" take priority over his career and an artist like Chris Brown is offically out steppin him. So does it really matter who manages him I guess only time will tell.