Friday, May 2, 2008

Clues that Alicia stole Swizz

If these shades aren't a HUGE SwizzBeats rub off I don't know what is! Alicia's stepped up her game for her new boo.

So what I'm a day late and a dollar short of this news but...rumors have been flying that Alicia Keys is in fact the woman who broke up the happy home of Swizz and Mashonda, I was only posting this news until it was confirmed by catty gossiping from some of my industry insiders and that has been accomplished. So for any of you who thought it was bullshit, like myself. It's true. Swizz was overseas not too long sliding off with Alicia during her tour.

1 comment:

V. Bella said...

No waaaaay! Not my baby mama :((((

Wow! Well she looks hot in those shades and I still love her :-x!