Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My weekend with the Gunit Fam!

Somethings I learned on My G-Unit Weekend:

-50 got rid of ALLLLLL his tatoos, including the mural on his back. Crazy right? Well when I asked him why he said, that 1 he is not going to be taking off his shirt anymore, and since he is going to be focusing on movies that the cover up process is too extensive. He said it took 6 months and 3 laser sessions. Some of his skin just looked a little burned, but for the most part was clear.

-50 was wearing a wedding band, which when I asked him what he was for he said a "movie role" but I am a little skeptical about that?

-Rocsi (106 & Park) is a industry jumpoff, lol.....well after her slandering comments dissing 50 and the G-Unit click, her bedroom behaviors have came to the surface which do include some G-Unit folk :-)

-Tony Yayo got harrassed at the Car Wash on his way to radio on Saturday, scroll to yesterday to see the video where he explains the story

-Lloyd Banks just bought another lamborghini....just thought i would add that since everyone apparently thinks they are sinking


BKAllDay said...

omg 50 what next...dont sye your skin white! your still one of the hardest niggas in the street

shoutout to u Ms. Pen for bringing us the exclusives!

MrzKilla2B said...

50 ain't effin wit Ryedog Killa!! Blackwidow Entertainment got 50 shook!! Yo 50 need to get Killa to ghost write for him cuz Curtis is effin wack! Tell him to hit him at

Ms. Fiyah said...

mrzkilla2b is a maino says HI HATER!

Roc money said...

Damn...ALL his tats? Shit

Laser treatment don't come cheap either its like £500 a pop out here.