Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fools In Love

I mean okay, I am all about love, true true love. Believe you me I am in no way a hater, especially having great love in my life allows me to love love. If that makes sense. But the foolishness that is Remy Ma and Papoose really bothers me. First the jail marriage, okay i get it, they wanna have sex while she is in jail. Then he tries to sneak in a universal handcuff key, i mean stop this, you cannot make this foolishness up. So in the court room yesterday after her sentencing of 8 years was given, Papoose was screaming at the victim Makeda Barnes-Joseph "All you want is money". Maybe true. But she was still shot, and still lost the hope of possibly having a child. So this morning Makeda called into Miss Jones just to share her end of the story and I really felt bad for her, this young girl regardless if she took the money or not didn't deserve to be shot, whatever happen to a good 'ol two piece??


Oberon said... are fabulous.

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Nicca D said...

Word, this whole story is bananas. Both of them are wack. A jail marriage huh.LOl,wack. Im out I love u Jen