Saturday, May 3, 2008

H.E.R. tagged me!!!

Heather of tagged me the other day and since this is like the third saturday in a row I'm spending without the love of my life , I thought I would occupy myself with this little game. Hope you all get a good laugh at my quirks!
Local blogger forward thats spreading, here are the rules…
* share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
* tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
* let each random person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

My Six
1. I'm a huge hypocondriact. I take 5 vitamins a day, and at the drop of a sniffle I ask everyone around me at the time if they think I might be dying. I then go into a heavy discussion with myself, breaking down my health over the past six months. I visit the doctor just to mentally make myself feel better, and even when there's not a thing wrong with me, I beg him to give me a prescription "just in case" Just knowing that someone else is sick, I automatically have the same symptoms. You can be in Kansas and tell me you're sick and I think I'm gonna get it.

2. No matter how stuffed I am, I never turn down dessert. All in all I'm a straight cookie monster. This sweet tooth of mine most likely circles back to my grandmother who ate a Butterfinger every night after dinner.

3. Only in the house when I have socks on I tend to walk on my tippy toes. I never realized I did that until Consequence pointed it out. 

4. I'm addicted to being tan. I could have just come from the tanning salon but will look in the mirror and still feel pale. Kinda like an anorexic girl who looks in the mirror and always sees a fat girl.
When I take a picture I always ask "Do I look tan?" And if it dosen't fit my standard of being tan I set the lighting just right or stand in a darker area of the room all to look TAN!

5.  I can hear a song once and know all the words by the end, I can't sing a note but I will sing a song like it's nobody's business. And everytime my boss Adonis will laugh and say "That's not the note" and everytime I say "I know but I love singing and he says 'That's what I love about you" :0)

6. When Mishkeena (my dog/child) gets on my nerves, I whine to my mother and tell her to please get him away from me, as if he was my annoying little brother, I sometimes even cry and tell him he's an asshole ( just because I'm so dramatic.)