Wednesday, May 21, 2008

White Girl Tip of the Week

I swore to myself that I was waking up early today to get my ass back to the gym, but after a late night phone discussion with Consequence regarding video hoes I ended up sleeping until 12:00 while my phone started going off at 9:30am. When I finally decided to roll over and view my missed calls, suprisingly the homie Mickey Factz hit me up to inform me that the early bird indeed gets the worm so if I continue to sleep until 12 he would be forced to call me Jennifer the Pencil. And we def can't have that! So my tip of the week is this: Millionaires aren't millionaires because they were sleeping in!

xoxo Jen The Pen

1 comment:

Sean [The Future Blogger] said...

haha...Jennifer the Pencil..that doesn't sound good