Thursday, May 22, 2008

I do it for you guys!

With more and more traffic coming to my blog, I figured it was time to jump into Jenthepenadvice and see what you guys are talking about, it seems to be your're all drama free but actually took the time out to share your love for the blog and despite the huge let down in my life right now, your words have found a way to bring a smile back to my face. So once again I thank you guys for all the support!!!!   xoxo jen the pen

May 15,2008
Jen, No questions for you boo. Just want to comment on your blog. It is very entertaining and it always has stuff that i'll take time out to read. Just wanna say good work and you are funny sometimes, the stuff you say. One question tho,have you ever been cussed out with that fancy mouth of yours??Lol, it's all good. Hold it down boo. Every time I turn around your blowin up more and more. Well thanks for giving me something to do babe. Keep them hot topics comin and go to my myspace and promote your blog there. I got the whole Va in a headlock so everybody checks my page. I got hella response to one comment you left me a couple weeks ago. Now all my friends put you on their friends list. I added prolly another 100 so let them kno whats up too. Love you Jen. The King of Va

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